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Philips Essential Downlight MESON Round LED 13W

  • Integrated LED driver.
  • Side-lit technology for even light distribution.
  • Up to 80% energy saving compared to standard incandescent light sources.
  • Snap, slide and fit - hassle-free installation.
  • Lifetime up to 15 000 Hrs.
  • EyeComfort technolgy by PHILIPS



  • 5W: D95 x H45.5mm (Cut Hole:80mm)
  • 9W: D120 x H47mm (Cut Hole: 105mm)
  • 13W: D140 x H47mm (Cut Hole: 125mm)
  • 17W: D165 x H47mm (Cut Hole: 150mm)
  • CCT: 6500K - 2700K - 4000K
  • Lumen: 5W (380lm) / 9W (680lm) / 13W (1030lm) / 17W (1360lm)

Philips Meson Tri Color 5W/ 9W/ 13W / 17W (Round)

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